Kiwi Fruit Preconditioning & Ripening

Here is a document that details how to ripen kiwifruit: Kiwifruit Ripening / Preconditioning.

Please note that this was published before we obtained EPA approval to list kiwi on our label for Ethy-Gen® II Concentrate. It is legal to use Ethy-Gen® to ripen/precondition kiwifruit!

These recommendations were amassed from a diverse number of sources for use by clients of Catalytic Generators India. While we have made great effort to provide accurate and current ripening techniques, Catalytic Generators makes no warranties regarding these recommendations or the applicability of such information to a particular ripening operation. Please note that we do not provide these recommendations as a replacement for technical ripening experts; if having ripening problems or starting a ripening program, we suggest that professionals be consulted.